Planet Time

Welcome to Zoid Warfare!

 Zoid Warfare is a simple and FREE browser based game, based on the popular tv show Zoids! The object of Zoid Warfare is to build your army and destroy your enemies.

Wannna Know what you can do once your inside?

  • Buy Zoids
  • Buy & Sell On The User Market
  • Find Hidden & Rare Zoids
  • Explore Unknown Zones In Conquest
  • Upgrade Your Base
  • Deposit Funds In Your Bank
  • Transfer Funds & Turns To Other Players
  • Attack Players
  • In Game Forums
  • In Game Message System

As you can see we have plenty for you to do! Plus we are planning some big upgrades within the future!

So, Try to collect all the zoids to expand your collection and see if you can reach ELITE STATUS ON OUR RANKING PAGE!!


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